How Goodreads ruined and saved my life (this isn’t clickbait!).

Goodreads, oh Goodreads. I have a complicated relationship with GR, sometimes it’s really helpful, but sometimes I want to delete my account and burn it to the ground.

The Good

  • I can find new books! I love GR because it has a large selection of books and I can always find out when a new book is being released and I can find new authors.
  • I can connect with fellow readers! I’ve made a lot of friends on GR, it’s always fun when I can meet new people who have the same reading interests as me.
  • Reviews! I know some people wouldn’t look at GR as a serious place to find reviews, but I love the reviews. If I want to read a book I always check out GR and I look at the reviews.
  • Organizing! GR is extremely helpful when it comes to organizing books I want to read. You can make shelves on there and place the books you want to read on the various shelves you create.
  • Simplicity! GR is so easy to use and it’s so simple you don’t have to learn anything new.

The Bad

  • Too many books! I can literally spend hours on GR looking at books and that means I end up looking at books more then I do reading them.
  • It’s hard to talk to other people. GR was obviously not meant to be a social media, I can hardly ever talk to my actual friends on GR. I wish GR would make it easier to communicate with other users.
  • Goodreads or Facebook, what’s the difference? GR updates have made it seem more like Facebook, which is awful! Nobody likes Facebook!
  • Authors! GR makes it way too easy for authors to comment on reviews and attack other readers. GR is meant for readers not the authors.
  • Drama! There is so much drama on GR and it’s because authors can comment and see the reviews. Drama on GR always has the tendency to blow way out of proportion and then a book’s rating goes down from four stars to two and a half stars.

What do you guys think, is Goodreads helpful or not? Let me know in the comments!


8 thoughts on “How Goodreads ruined and saved my life (this isn’t clickbait!).

  1. My TBR list has definitely increased to a massive size since joining Goodreads as it’s so easy to add new books to it and so easy to discover new ones! Pretty much every time I add somebody as a friend, I’ll stalk their shelves for books I might like.

    I definitely agree with you about it not being that social, I’d really like to be able to communicate more as I’m not a fan of the forums in the groups as a lot of the time, most aren’t active at all.

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  2. I feel this so much! I love Goodreads for organizing my books and finding new books, but even the thought of an author seeing my review scares me a bit. And I don’t even dare to post a somewhat negative review for a very popular and well loved book on there.

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